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Kuwait Only

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Pagpapakilala sa Bansang Kuwait

Official Name: State of Kuwait





Area: 17,820 sq. km. (6,880 sq. mi.); approximately the size of the State of New Jersey.
Cities: Capital--Kuwait City.


Terrain: Almost entirely flat desert plain (highest elevation point--306 m).


Climate: Summers are intensely hot and dry with average highs ranging from 42o-49oC (108o-120oF); winters are short (Dec.-Feb.) and cool, averaging 10o-30oC (50o-80oF), with limited rain.


Nationality: Noun and adjective--Kuwaiti(s).


Population (2009 est.): 3,520,000 including approximately 1.06 million Kuwaiti citizens, 2.36 million non-Kuwaiti nationals, and 100,000 stateless persons.


Annual growth rate (2009 est.): 3.549%.


Ethnic groups: Kuwaiti 45%, other Arab 35%, South Asian 9%, Iranian 4%, other 7%.


Religion: Muslim estimated 85% (Sunni 70%, Shi'a 30% among Kuwaitis), with sizable Hindu, Christian, and Buddhist communities.


Languages: Arabic (official), English is widely spoken.


Education: Compulsory from ages 6-14; free at all levels for Kuwaitis, including higher education. Adult literacy (age 15 and over)--93.3% for the total population (male 94.4%, female 91%) (2005 census).


Health: Infant mortality rate (2009 est.)--8.97 deaths/1,000 live births. Life expectancy (2009 est.)--76.51 yrs. male, 78.96 yrs. female.


Work force (2009 est.): 2.091 million (75% male, 25% female; 20% Kuwaiti citizens).



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