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Ish-har Islam In KPCCenter

Ish-har Islam In KPCCenter

Bro. Eduardo C. Alzuelo ( Now Abdulhakim), a Marine Engineering Graduate, visited KPCCenter to acquire information about Islam. When i asked him why he is interested to know about Muslims' Religion, he informed me that he thinks it is easy for a person who is a follower of Islam to live a peaceful life and away from many vices that are harmful not only to Physical, Social but also to Spiritual aspects of life of man, these are likely the reason why he began to like Islam and embraced it eventually. But before we let him announced the Shahada as it is the first step to Embracing Islam as his religion or in order to be a Muslim, I just took some moments to explain and clarify to him that Embracing Islam is not to escape from any vices he indulges although Islam prohibited them. I explained to him in a clear statement that Embracing Islam and leaving his former religion is to Clear and Correct His Faith in God (Allah) so that his Worship to Him (Allah) becomes acceptable and rewarding. So, I have tried to divert his objective and intention that instead of Embracing Islam to escape from those vices (however, i told him that this objective is also good), he should Embraced Islam for Correcting His Foundation of Faith and Worship, then all these vices will go away easily from him besides preventing himself from them. I told him that if our foundation is weak and incorrect, how can we expect a reward from the One Who Gives Reward to whom He wills in return to the worship we are doing for Him.Our discussions arrived at the point regarding Jesus ( Eesa in Arabic) and since the focal point of my explanation is to clear his intention, i had the chance to inform him that in Islam, using pictures, images, patrons or saints in order to worship God (Allah) is totally prohibited, and he realized that the logic about Jesus as God becoming a human is not acceptable because God has no likeness and incomparable to any of His creation, besides nobody has seen God, that Jesus is not a Son of God because God can never be a Father of any of His Creation until i relate to him the meaning of Surah AL-Ikhlas when God (Allah) said as a commandment; " Say ! He is Allah, The Only One God, Allah , The Eternal , He begets not and He is not begotten, And nothing is comparable to Him, and He has no likeness. ( Surah Al-Ikhlas (114: 1-4 ), then eventually He took the Shahadah saying " ASH-HADU AN LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, WA ASH-HADU ANNA MUHAMMADAN RASULULLAH, WA ANNA EESA ABDULLAHI WA RASULUH, LAM YUQTAL WA LAM YUSLAB, BAL RAFA'AHULLAHU ILAYH, WA ABRA'U MIN KULLI DIN YUKHALIF ISLAM" Meaning: "Ako ay sumasaksi na walang diyos na dapat sambahin maliban Kay Allah, At ako ay sumasaksi na si Muhammad ay Sugo Ni Allah, na si Hesus ay Lingkod at Sugo Ni Allah, na siya ay hindi naipako at hindi napatay sa Krus, kundi siya ay itinaas Ni Allah doon sa Kanya, at Ako ay tumatanggi sa lahat ng relihiyon maliban sa Islam ". ALHAMDULILLAH, WA ALLAHU AKBAR.XX

Date Added 22/4/2014 pagbisita sa pahina ng 3482